about the artisans


Cantabile Piano Arts: artisans at work

Cantabile is owned and managed by Luis Cajas and Carlos Macancela (Frankie). 

In today’s disposable consumer world, it’s gratifying to know that a piano that was built fifty to one hundred years ago can be brought back to its original magnificent state.

We have skilled artisans who focus mainly on the style and architecture of our pianos. They are able to bring back its original appearance back to life. The precision of every cut is acquired by their wide experience in creating unique works of art.

We have over 30 years of experience bringing back the magic and the art of piano manufacturing.

The Artisans:

Luis Cajas, one of the owners of Cantabile, devotes his time to restore the piano’s inside in order to restore the inside to its formal glory. He is specialized on the soundboard, which is an essential part in not only the piano but also in other string instruments like the guitar or violin. It is a vital part to this instrument which needs to be as perfectly shaped in order to allow the best sound to channeled through the wood and into our ears.

Carlos Macancela (Frankie), the other owner of this company, also devotes his time in restoring the piano but of the outside. He works on the body paint of the piano. and polishing the body in order to reveal the glamour of the piano.

Ivan Brunner: obtained a degree in Piano Technology from Ecole Professionelle de la Societe Industrielle et Commerciale in Lausanne (Switzerland) which involved an intense, hands-on apprenticeship including all areas of rebuilding and restoring pianos along with all aspects of post production work such as voicings, regulations and concert tunings. For the past 28 years, he has been mastering his skills by working with many professional pianists, vocalists, conductors, composers, teachers and students. He recentely designed the new piano showroom for Cantabile Piano Arts. Ivan specializes in custom action and voicing work ensuring that each pianist will easily obtain the beauty and range of colors that their piano offers.

This job for these people are more than just a job. It has become their passion bringing them closer together. They are a family working together to bring only the best results without cutting corners.