Digital Player


The Live Performance LX Reproducing System is the result of over thirty years of research and refinement in the field of solenoid-based player piano technology. Its superb musicality, high resolution and robust design will enhance your piano for many years to come.

Model LX Reproducing System Details

Hidden Mechanism: Once installed, the playing mechanism is completely hidden from view. The note solenoids and their associated electronics reside within a cutout in the keybed. Underneath the keybed, only the note solenoid mounting rail is visible. The hidden mechanism allows the use of conventional trapwork in a reproducing piano for the first time.
Pianos equipped with the LX exhibit the same “look and feel” underneath as conventional grand pianos, making use of the lever arrangement that has been universal in piano construction for well over 100 years.
Such trapwork is extremely robust and is free from the problems that arise from the unusual levers required by other playing mechanisms, such as loss of the sostenuto pedal function and the need for frequent service to keep the sustaining pedal in adjustment.